Been trying to use the Kinesis Adv 2 board for 8 months. The alternative layout is still not stuck in my head. Was going to ask if anyone has found a more traditional board that has similar ergonomic benefits. Just don’t think you can get similar benefits without moving keys off the pinky fingers.

Giving Panic’s Nova for Ruby on Rails development a try, so far with the Ruby on Rails extension (by Tommaso Negri) and that’s it. Happy to hear other extension suggestions. Been using VS Code for some years, but it seems constantly in “what’s the best configuration?” hell. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m starting to wonder if no one has ever actually gotten a Time Machine backup server to work seamlessly. I’ve done NAS and many others of things, and finally gave in to getting a Mac Mini. And here I am watching my laptop try to do its second backup to the Mac Mini right next to it…and fail.

Remember the Photo Blog, inspired by @skoobz and @jthingelstad.

The latest Good Enough Newsletter includes a link to receive a mailing of A Good Enough Zine. Please sign up and send us those address deets if you’d like to participate in the Zine experiment. Thank you!

I would like to see notes from the Gmail design meeting where they decided to plop a “mark as spam” toolbar item in prime real estate between the archive and trash toolbar items.

Anyone know if reverse captcha is still a thing? (A hidden field that should always be empty, but the bots fill it, thus detecting the bots.) I’m assuming the bots are too smart for it now.

Writing elsewhere - I wrote about how we built Quack (Beta).

Writing elsewhere - I wrote about why we built Quack (Beta).

Have you ever simply wanted to post some markdown to the internet and receive a link to a beautifully rendered version of said markdown? Good Enough has got you covered with Quack (Beta). Give it a try and let us know what you think!

I can just share this when people ask what we’re doing right now at Good Enough:…

I probably haven’t officially asked here as I’m not very comfortable publicizing myself… If you have any interest in following along as we build weird software (and a weird company) at Good Enough, I encourage you to sign up for A Good Enough Newsletter. It’s silly and occasionally informative!

The Apple Watch feature that I want is automatically recording outdoor walks omg.

I wrote about the surprises inherent in working with the Good Enough remote team:…

Related to my recent posts, for the foreseeable future I’m going to try blogging at Bear Blog and keeping track of commonplace things with Obsidian Publish.

A tough hurdle for me to jump since I’ve controlled my blog server for 10-15 years. I hope it leads to less carried stress of maintenance.

I was reminded (thanks @JohnPhilpin) that my old blog posts mostly have broken images. I found an old WordPress archive with most of the images. (Hats off to me for being a digital pack rat!) I’m a programmer and I should automate this fix, but I usually end up doing this sort of thing manually.

Just talked to Chat GPT for a bit. I asked it to write a blog in Sinatra (Ruby). Progressively I asked it to add more features and it really was pretty astounding. This feels like a wave of momentum that cannot be resisted.

I’m close to the “build my own site generator in Ruby” stage of my blog. Probably inspired by barf. Hopefully something that can build itself on or GitHub, so in theory I could write in a browser if need be. Inevitably it will later be replaced by my own blog software.

I’ve never really used a library for authentication or authorization in Rails. Thinking this time I might try Pundit for authorization. Thoughts and opinions welcomed. 💻

This advice from my past self just “cost” me 60-90 minutes. Find Bugs Once and the Joy of Bug Fixing. 💻

Fresh computer install means that I’ve found some new software to smooth out my daily. I’ve always used Divvy for windows management, but it was kind of janky getting it set up this time. And so I discovered Rectangle and I’m already enjoying it. Dragging to hotspots is nice!

A good little rundown of software engineering things that are learned from experience. 💻

Just turned on auto deploy for our @goodenough apps. Feels uncomfortable, but going to live in that space for a bit to see how it goes. 💻

Hmm, what if we ( @goodenough ) decided to make a 2023 version of StumbleUpon?

Surprising my 15-months-ago self, I got some books out of storage.