This is sorta so so:…

But then you get to:…

I’m close to the “build my own site generator in Ruby” stage of my blog. Probably inspired by barf. Hopefully something that can build itself on or GitHub, so in theory I could write in a browser if need be. Inevitably it will later be replaced by my own blog software.

The Last of Us on HBO was outstanding. Now to re-play the game or move straight to The Last of Us 2, which I haven’t played…

TLOU #okay

I like to print articles from time to time in order to read them on paper. I wish macOS’s booklet printing option rearranged the pages for you. This article references my options. It appears the Booklet app is no longer available. Don’t think I can stomach $19.99 for Create Booklet 2.

I was today years old old when I realized Lumbergh is also Kent Davison (Veep).

I had totally forgotten about the game Hard Hat Mack. Every few years one of those games I played growing up will hit my brain. Kind of feel like I should write them all down…

My phone is randomly restarting throughout the day, variably saying my phone has a normal amount of battery remaining and 10% of battery remaining. I am reminded of this:

I dropped my phone and it found the space between the bleachers and the wall. I heard it bounce off metal and hit the floor twenty-five feet below.

Hoping Apple doesn’t mind the fall data when analyzing my trade-in value. 🤞

Let’s see what everyone is going on about.

Very interesting and has me thinking. Thinking.

A little more about what we’re trying to accomplish with Good Enough:…

It’s fun to send out a newsletter and find that people are getting Gmail suspicious link alerts for links to and Thanks, Google. You’ve saved us.

I’m a Mac person. Anyone doing most of their PC gaming via GeForce Now? Share your setups! 🕹️

(For me it’d probably mostly be a Fortnite thing, though I have so many games sitting, unplayable, in Steam.)

We bought a Mazda CX-5. Its actual-button touch screen controls make every other car touch screen interaction I’ve used look asinine. ❤️

Over the years I’ve always kept my mobile browser tabs to about 100. Every few months I’d go through and knock that number back down to the teens.

Today the count is 335 and climbing. Climbing. I can’t see it going back down until the day I accidentally click “close all tabs.”

Sadly I can not unsubscribe. It’s nice to constantly be bombarded with examples in the world of software that I don’t want to build!

What a weird way to announce the elimination of a free tier. If I’m gonna pay someone for analytics, it’ll probably be someone else.

Just watched Marcel the Shell. One daughter is still emotional after the movie, which we finished 20 minutes ago. ❤️

I love that the MN DNR has a climate journal back into history. There’s a legacy journal as well, but even that doesn’t have all the content that is actually out there, like the MN meme Halloween blizzard or this 1982 record breaker.

How weird am I? I own Pisces Iscariot, but not Siamese Dream. 🎵

And what is love in the end? Except the irrational desire to put evolutionary competitiveness aside in order to ease someone else's journey through life?

Alabaster, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin