Explain to me how Apple has gotten away with its Calendar email notification implementation being broken for somewhere around a decade? (Well, ever since I started using it.) Loses/forgets that I’ve set an event for email notification over and over again. Also “helpfully” adds alert notifications.

I just learned that DICK’s Sporting Goods bought Moosejaw, which made me sad. Moosejaw emails and copy always make me laugh. Then I learned that DICK’s bought them from Walmart. So 🤷‍♂️? (Then I learned that DICK’s shut down a bunch of the stores, so 😞 again.)

After nearly 20 years I, with help from Good Enough, finally wrote blogging software. Now, now, Pika is just an alpha version, but it’ll grow into something special. I can feel it! Read more if you’re interested.

My Apple Music Replay is completely fictional. When Tina Turner died I probably listened to 10 songs. She’s my 2nd artist on Replay at 1,989 minutes. Ike & Tina add another 1,020 minutes. What the heck?!

A fascinating review of the new Garth Brooks release.

Call him the James Harden of country music.

We plan to open up an alpha version of our blog software later today or tomorrow morning (US). It will be very basic to start, and the next significant developments probably won’t happen until early 2024. Still, if early adoption (and influence) is your jam, keep your ears open!

Snack time. A favorite that came home with us from Japan.

Spicy rice cracker snack from Japan

I’m ordering 4 tickets to a medium-sized college basketball game. It’s through AXS. 4 tickets, $76, and only $4 of AXS fees. How is that possible?! If it’s possible, why can’t big time artists negotiate reduced fees?!

I’ve had my iPad mini for a month or so and must say it hasn’t been as life-changing as the YouTube algorithm implied. Barely using it. Though if it kept a charge for a month rather than a few days, I think I’d be more impressed at those rare moments when I want to pick it up.

That feels good. Only 13 years after getting the standing desk!

Under desk before cable management.Under desk after cable management.

Trying on the IBM Plex font family.

Pika blog software testing with IBM Plex font family.

You have successfully taken action to keep your Google Workspace account for the organization, bjhess.com. Your account is no longer scheduled to be closed.

I did nothing. I took no action.

One. More. Blog. Software!

Our little alpha at GE is coming along. Hopefully something play-withable early next month.

Screenshots of an upcoming blog software by Good Enough.Screenshots of an upcoming blog software by Good Enough. In dark mode.

Last night I saw Brit Floyd for the second time this year. In a smaller city, closer to where we live, so felt good supporting acts coming to that venue. And they are still great! Oh, and was able to bring two of my children. 😊

Brit Floyd in concert, depicting the Dark Side of the Moon prism cover, also repeated with laser light.

Things are coming along. (Still currently with a mission of “software to make my personal blog+site.”)

New Good Enough Blog Software - edit view

New Good Enough Blog Software - publish view

I think I’m a RubyMine (JetBrains) person now.

Here I go with another killer idea. We’ve decided to write personal blog software at Good Enough. That’s a pretty open market, right? 🤣 Our reasons aren’t that we see a big hole or have a big idea. I shared my very basic reasoning on the GE blog.

You running multiple monitors. This might save your sanity.

Since I went Apple TV a few years ago I frequently have to re-login to apps. Logged in to ESPN to watch a game yesterday, force login again today. Very annoying. I’m at the point of either switching platforms or buying all new gen ATVs (mine’s only one back). Others tell me they never have problems.


iMac manuals and keyboard from the year 2000.

Was surprised to get to the last episode of Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones and see nearby city, Albert Lea, Minnesota, featured prominently. Wild!

Wow, Firefox.

Still referencing RailsCasts after all these years. 😂

Broke down and ordered a Keychron Q1 keyboard (fully assembled) to compare and contrast against the Kinesis Advantage2 that I think I’m giving up on.

I was excited for macOS Sonoma (which I finally installed) because I recalled that it would change the behavior of opening apps stealing focus (usually when you’re mid-typing in another app). Focus-stealing still seems to be happening. Is there a setting that I need to change?