So a majority of the blogs in the world will soon be opted in to acting as training grounds for AI Tools. Not gonna happen at Pika. Pika Blogs Do Not Train AI Tools

Love this sort of stuff: Final Fantasy VII is the Best.

Pika should also probably have a WordPress and Tumblr import option right about now… lemme know if it’s something you want! I’m sure we can figure something out.

Given the latest blogging memes, it seems like Pika should add a guestbook option…

I blogged: P.M. Dawn


Bunny Fonts is an open-source, privacy-first web font platform designed to put privacy back into the internet.

With a zero-tracking and no-logging policy, Bunny Fonts helps you stay fully GDPR compliant and puts your user’s personal data into their own hands.

that’s numberwang

I probably should make watching Prince’s Super Bowl halftime show an annual event. Chills every time.

Blogging: Why We Love Baseball

Never thought I was going to grin reading a customer support response about our privacy policy, but here we are!

A browser extension that fills in the ages of my kids on every. single. travel. website.

I wonder if anyone has actually been able to figure out how to run ads on DuckDuckGo without being required to also send money to other Microsoft advertising properties? I’m thinking no.

An IndieWeb carnival blog: Digital Relationships Offer Real Hope

As it’s coming to Broadway, via Minnesota, I suppose I should finally see the Purple Rain movie?

Doing that product launch thing for Pika today on Product Hunt. 🎉

We’re really proud of the beautiful blogging experience we’ve created with Pika!

If you’re so inclined, drop in to Product Hunt and let us know your thoughts.

Does anyone successfully use a social network, say, once a day or twice a week? If so, tell me your ways.

Remember The Deck ad network? Is there anything that even approaches it these days in terms of the type of market served?

New Pika post: Some thoughts on Project Tapestry

Pika has officially launched! Lots of good, hard work this past month and we’ve got something I know that I am enjoying immensely. I posted about some of the feelings behind the action.

How Do Search Ads Run the World?

Now I’m in Microsoft Ads and I can’t even enter my credit card. This is amazing.

Spent the afternoon with Google Ads. It’s fascinating to me that something with such a singularly terrible user interface is single-handedly providing all of the money to one of the richest companies in the world.

Whiskey Rebellion

Welcome to Wrexham

My First Mac:…