🎶 There’s a new release of Max Richter’s take on Vivaldi. (I talked about this previously.)

I took the jump. /cc @odd & @SimonWoods

Is there a Twitter client that allows you to cut Twitter’s feature set to the following?

  • Posting
  • Reading @replies
  • Reading direct messages

If not, is there a Twitter client that allows you to cut Twitter’s feature set to the following?

  • Posting

Holding court at the bedroom window.

Walked around the graduation party setup this morning. Then went back into my quarantine. This is even harder than I thought it was going to be. (My Covid test was positive this morning, though even with a negative I probably still needed to stay in quarantine by rule.)

Now I’ve been banned from lobste.rs for the reason that I’m supposedly a duplicate user of someone else trying to post articles linking to their blog. It’s pretty clearly untrue, but moderation didn’t take 30 seconds to confirm my identity via my profile and comment history. Oof.

I feel like I’m approaching one of those moments where I have to strip everything away, make it all simple, and add back things intentionally. Internet usage, screen time, food choices, activity choices, etc.

I watched The Phantom Thread tonight in my quarantine room. Now I need a film studies class to explain it to me. 🍿

🔗 These remixes by The Reflex are amazing.

🔗 Some lovely light reading while sitting in bed with COVID: About Those Kill-Switched Ukranian Tractors by Cory Doctrow.

Wow, the original WWW logo was spectacular.

After 2 years of our house being COVID-free, today is the day. I’m the winner of the COVID lottery. In 3 days we have 100-150 people stopping through for our eldest’s high school graduation party. So I’m quarantined and we hope the rest stay negative. Please send your good vibes.

First time I’ve played it and…

Framed #63. 🎥 🟩 ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛ ⬛


I’ve never seen the movie in question. How weird.

Coming soon the makers of doevery.day bring you A Good Enough Newsletter. To support these wacky web activities of ours, Shawn and I formed Good Enough LLC on April 1st. We adore newsletters, so we decided to start one of our own. Expect something that’s not half bad.

I’ve got all the posts I care to transition transitioned to the new HTML+CSS version of my blog: bjhess.com/blog/. The completist in me feels better (even with broken links), though old posts can be 😬. (Ruby and Nokogiri were the primaries if you nerd like that.)

Shawn shared this with me today. It’s amazing.

🔗 In a recent newsletter I wrote about how I gave up on the book Ducks, Newburyport, so I really feel Read Like an Artist. That post also includes this great quote:

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures…if you like something, like it.

Dave Grohl

So now that I’ve moved my main blog off of Micro.blog, my theory is that I will feel more incentivized to use my microblog as a microblog, posting more small updates and random thoughts. I guess it makes sense that my first random thought is about having random thoughts? Random.

I’ve decided to bring my main site & blog back in-house. bjhess.com is not using a static-site generator. Rather it is hand-curated HTML and CSS. Not a new idea, but one I should write about at some point. I will link my blog RSS here soon. Hope it doesn’t make a mess.

Fortunate to take my two brass-playing kids to see Canadian Brass this afternoon. Such virtuosos! While browsing the merch table after we realized we were standing next to the horn player. Our talk finished with a very motivating high five to my horn-playing daughter. W00T!

doevery.day now has a cheering feature for log entries. Cheer on your friends. Be cheered by your friends. All in the privacy of your own space – the rest of the world will not see how many cheers your log entries receive. The cheers are just for you to enjoy.

🔗 Earth Reviews

🔗 A Hidden Art Form You’ll Flip For

Did you know in 2005 a song called “My Humps” sat at number 3 on the Hot 100 for 6 weeks?

Magic for your locks that no longer seem to be working with your key.

🍿 The Batman (2022)

I went into this expecting a super hero movie. By the end I realized it was more of a crime movie. I would have enjoyed the movie more if I had that attitude while watching. There are some beautiful moments in this one.