Last night.

Comedian Maria Bamford on stage.

Resurfaced a very old post from another place, another time: My First Program. Perhaps you have a first-programming story?

This is rather amazing:

A bit of a stream (heh) of consciousness on the streaming pendulum.

Once upon a time if you wanted a product or service, you paid for it. That, but for online things.

TIL: You can no longer programmatically ping search engines with updates to your sitemap in an anonymous way. And I learned other things. Sitemaps on Pika.

Finally wrapped up Ted Lasso. You can talk about it in front of me now. 🤣

Anyone out there successfully using mailbrew? Tell us how you’re using it?

That woodworking content you so desire:…

I decided to pick up a decently-priced Kindle Oasis 3 on eBay. Hope it works well enough!

Thanks for the e-reader feedback on my last post. I want to go with a Kobo Libra 2, but losing the auto syncing of Kindle highlights to Obsidian might be the thing that keeps me on the Kindle platform. The only Kindle with a page-turn button seems to be the Oasis, which they’ve stopped making. 🤔

Happy new Leif Enger book day to those who celebrate!

Another good oral history: Conan O’Brien’s First Year at “Late Night”

Just created a to-do in Todoist: “Figure out how to organize my million to-dos and projects.” I think I daily have 30-40 items in “Today”, mostly actually “Overdue.” Send help! (And this is just personal stuff. I used to do GTD. Maybe I should just reread that?)

Last full day. 🏖️

Waves on a sunny beach.

Small Towns Everywhere

I’m sure I’ve read this before, but The Oral History of Prince’s Super Bowl XLI Halftime Show. Some real nuggets in there!

“Some of My 300 Open Tabs,” a blog series. Or in other words, I could probably just use these open tabs to fuel my blog for months. Maybe I should!

A browser that keeps track of where you came from when clicking that link. “That post from Mastodon user X” or “That email from” etc.

My 2nd gen Kindle seems to finally be dead. Now what do I get?!

Blogged: You Deserve It

A rainy day, so we’re thinking Ghostbusters.

So far, so good.

Alright, friends, it’s time to go on vacation. Tomorrow we’re off too the sunny Florida panhandle, assuming we get out before the Minnesota snow lands.

You should probably listen to Anna Meredith: Nautilus.