Bathroom sign that reads: please put toilet paper in the wastebasket. Thank you.

Seeking Ikigai #weblogpomo2024

How am I just running into these web toys for the first time today?! Tom’s Toys


Really proud of this one. Today we launched a time travel machine: Guestbooks for everyone on Pika. Not only can visitors write you a message, but they can also DRAW YOU A MESSAGE! Pretty cool, IMO. 😀

I’m joining the latest internet meme with Thoughts on Chips.

Track Meets #weblogpomo2024

I was today years old when I learned that Olivia Rodrigo’s Obsessed was co-written by Annie Clark/St. Vincent.

Gardening the Blog

Do We Need a Satellite Communicator for Remote Trips?

From the blog: Work Hard (or not).

Post 2 of #WeblogPoMo2024 and I’m already cheating: Find Bugs Once and the Joy of Bug Fixing

Post one of WeblogPoMo: Things I Like About Things. (Though I think I’m too late to make the @anniegreens list! 🙁)

Alright, let’s see if this gets me off the phone pellet bar for a bit.

A minimal iOS home screen with weather and libby witdgets and 4 icons along the bottom


Aviation cocktail with cherry garnish

So is there a way for me to delete almost every app off of my iphone and revert to where it is now if I decide “I’ve made a terrible mistake?” I’m thinking computer-based backup and restore is about it?

Just want to try the dumb(ish) phone life for a week or so to see if I like it.

I think that self-promotion is a particular difficulty for those of us trying to turn the tide of the internet. And so I wrote a few things.

Some highlighted quotes from I Cheerfully Refuse.

This month’s IndieWeb Carnival theme is “Good Enough,” so of course I had to participate.

Did the Third Man Records tour today and pulled the fortunate Ben Blackwell tour guide lottery ticket. Was lovely.

I wrote a little bit about how we (Good Enough) and all the small shops out there need your continued support to make it in this competitive internet world. Thanks for past and continued support!…

It happened!

An inbox zero logo within an email app. A party logo.

I just got to Inbox Nine in my personal email and I’m going to call it very good! I think I’ll read some of the newsletters in there this evening and go the rest of the way.

Last night.

Comedian Maria Bamford on stage.

Resurfaced a very old post from another place, another time: My First Program. Perhaps you have a first-programming story?