Ah, the time honored tradition of not passing your driver’s test for obscure happenstance. Daughter’ll get ‘em next time, but certainly doesn’t feel good right now.

Oh, and here’s our latest Good Enough Newsletter.

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Whelp, we used ChatGPT to write our mission statement and I’m pretty happy with the results: goodenough.us/blog/2023…

I’m in the process of trying to move from a consumption mindset to more of a creation mindset across my life. That implies less scrolling through micro.blog and Mastodon. Wish me luck!

You know if Obsidian Publish supported RSS it might become my homepage, blogging, and microblogging home. Unless I’m missing something? (Its custom CSS is also broken, but I imagine that’ll get fixed.)

I would like a Bluesky invite, but I think only to claim my typical username Just in Case ™.

Ah, the spirit of music.

Lots of Frank Lloyd Wright today.

That moment when you buy the official $$$s Apple cable only to see constant “cable HDCP blah blah blah cable not supported” errors. Thank you.

Heading to Chicago in a couple of hours for a short, short visit. If you have any recs for a family morning on the west side, do share!

Today feels like the first day of spring for us here in southern Minnesota. Sad that it’s late, but glad that the forecast appears springy for many days into the future!

Related to my recent posts, for the foreseeable future I’m going to try blogging at Bear Blog and keeping track of commonplace things with Obsidian Publish.

A tough hurdle for me to jump since I’ve controlled my blog server for 10-15 years. I hope it leads to less carried stress of maintenance.

My default setting is to ideals. Ironically, it’s not “good enough.” I can set ideal decision making aside at work, which makes me seemingly double down on idealism in my personal life. Gonna start bringing good enough home on my personal website today, I think.

I ran into a very insightful suggestion on a podcast recently. It was related to those of us trying to get in better shape after 45 or 50. Basically, the most important aspect of a workout routine for us is not getting injured. Injury becomes harder to bounce back from as we age.

About a year ago I wrote about my HTML-only blog, but I’m giving Bear Blog a try now. Not having a text field on the internet is such friction. I knew it going in, and I still know it now.

The true history of the world is the history of great conversations.

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister

I and some friends have started a movie forum/group. (Disclosure: it’s on software my company is writing. Dual purpose.) If you’re interested to talk movies every week or two, let me know if you’d like to join (barry at bjhess dot com). We’d love to have more folks involved such that the conversation gets going and gets interesting! Here’s the intro post.

That was pretty good. Hiatus Kaiyote.

I did a bit of a blog over at Good Enough. This was basically written 6 weeks ago. I probably should quicken up the turnaround time. 🤣

Actual Customer Support Is Remarkable

When in Houston.

After yesterday’s (surprising) undefeated day at World robotics, the team had a (surprising) no-win day today. A couple losses by a tiny margin, including one with a questionable amount of penalty points. Hopefully their alliance relationship work will bring them into the field finals tomorrow.

FIRST robotics championships, Houston.

You know how hikers have the “leave no trace” mantra? That, but for public restrooms.

I got to push the big red button. #loldesign

I have a lot of good memories of the ol’ Netflix queue.