I always blamed my headphones (Bose 700) for bluetooth cutting out every few minutes as I listened to my MacBook, but it seems like a persistent problem. None of the solutions have fixed it for me. Maddening!

I’m torn on getting tickets to Purple Rain’s Minneapolis pre-Broadway premier. On one side I have major FOMO about it. On the other side, tickets are 🤑 and I know Prince wouldn’t have authorized this, no way no how.

Flooding is happening here.

Flooding over parking lot in Minnesota.

This day in dark patterns: > By enrolling in Domino’s Rewards, you agree to receive emails related to the status of your account and points total. Members may not unsubscribe from these emails. Members can opt out of Domino’s Rewards and associated emails by visiting dominos.com/rewards.

For a few weeks each summer, this is life.

Marching band ready for performance for a parade

That was certainly interesting.

Joe Jackson performing as Max Champion, with backing band

I’m a lucky guy. ❤️

Barry with his kids in front of a lake.

These are tasty!

Strawberry cheese cake flavor KitKats from Japan

The Day One shared journal has been out for a while now. Anyone run into a review of it in practice? Considering using it as a family journal for an upcoming trip.

Green and blue windows in a high rise.

Yellow ridge in Pittsburgh

Pretty excited about this Album Whale update, which was spurred on by the disappearance of Songwhip from the scene. You can now play albums right from the Album Whale album pages! Surf around the discover pages to test it out.

Animated GIF showing how  you can deep link directly from an albumwhale.com album page into your streaming service of choice.

Here ends me blogging every day.

Today’s post is a bit nerdy–confusion with whois and nslookup. #weblogpomo2024

Received an email that songwhip.com‘s API is going away. I think maybe all of Songwhip is going away, which would be extra sad because they have the prettiest music share links around.

Working on an alternative path to keep Album Whale humming along. 🎶

Maybe next year. #weblogpomo2024

Maintaining an old blog. #weblogpomo2024

Share the things you like, y’all!

Been fixing dead links on my old blog posts. Going through 2008 was rough. Maybe I should have spent that time building a dead-link detection feature in Pika. 🤔

A little story from a different time. #weblogpomo2024

The Jacksons and the Patriots #weblogpomo2024

Really thankful to the good people at musicto for reaching out to me for an interview. If you need a playlist for Friday afternoon for coding, writing, or anything else, give my playlist a try! (The playlist is included with the interview.)

Hey Piggy Piggy Piggy Pig Pig #weblogpomo2024