Japanese nail houses: lonelyrobottheme.substack.com/p/japanes…

Interesting in light of the saying “the nail that sticks out gets hammered down”: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/the_nail_that_sticks_out_gets_hammered_down

Just passed The Many Masks of Andy Zhou by Jack Cheng to my seventh grader. If you have a middle schooler in your life, I highly recommend picking up this lovely, real, and introspective book up for them. And for you.

TIL: Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) played drums on Dua Lipa’s Break My Heart.

Not an active threat

Last night there were gunshot wounds at a White Sox game in the third inning, and two women were hit by bullets. The police and security deemed it not “an active threat” even though they had/have no leads as to what happened. Game rolled on.

I was surprised to see the number of fans in the bleachers for an OAK-CHW game (picture midway down the page). Then I got to the bottom of the page and saw there was supposed to be a Vanilla Ice/Tone Loc concert after the game, which was cancelled for “technical reasons.” That’s why.

Technical reasons? Technically Vanilla Ice didn’t want to get shot.

Good. Lord.

Hey, y’all, I got my first Apple Music Discovery Station recommendation!

I like to track the concerts and musicals I go to on Album Whale. Most the time I even write about the experience, though my writing has been lacking on the last few events. Here’s 2023 so far!

Apparently the voice of Mario is stepping away from the role. This is his actual website: www.charlesmartinet.com

I’m starting to wonder if no one has ever actually gotten a Time Machine backup server to work seamlessly. I’ve done NAS and many others of things, and finally gave in to getting a Mac Mini. And here I am watching my laptop try to do its second backup to the Mac Mini right next to it…and fail.

Remember the Photo Blog, inspired by @skoobz and @jthingelstad.

New Wong, y’all! Cory Wong - The Lucky One.

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Looking forward to Manu’s People and Blogs

A blog about Fast Car.

This is five years old, but I just ran into it and it’s fascinating: Last of the Iron Lungs.

I wrote about fixing things. I’m not entirely sure why, but I wrote about it!

I would like to see notes from the Gmail design meeting where they decided to plop a “mark as spam” toolbar item in prime real estate between the archive and trash toolbar items.

I just ran into Zara Larsson for the first time. My goodness, what pop music! Zara Larsson, Tove Lo, Robyn, and so on. The Swedes just don’t stop on the pop front, my goodness!

I accidentally transposed numbers in our PO Box when registering for informed delivery. It all went through. I now get daily emails about someone else’s mail. After a month USPS support replied with “change your address in your profile.” Appears you can sign up for other people’s address. Secure!

Honestly, if you’re a Floyd fan I recommend Brit Floyd. First time and the music and light show was all outstanding. Great Gig in the Sky was shivery, as it should be.

Brit Floyd Dark Side of the Moon light show.

A smokey night at Brit Floyd.

Smokey palace theater for Brit Floyd.

Spent the morning listening to the Minnesota All-State bands, one including my daughter. As always the music was outstandingly rendered!

Cora eyeing a Concordia College historical figure.

I wrote a blog about City Pop. Perhaps you’re curious?

Pronto Records in Kyoto

Ooo, that’s concerning that Bear blog’s RSS is read as invalid by Micro.blog. @help ?

Bear blog RSS feed invalid according to Micro.blog

Barry: Amazon, please ship my two deodorants as slow as you want in order to save on boxes. Amazon: Here are your two deodorants sent in separate packages, one from Dallas and the other from Fort Worth. You’re welcome.

This is the week I learn to get myself to sleep at night. (Please!)