I’ve been told I’m old school when it comes to internet politeness. What do you think - cool to submit your own posts (or those of your company) to places like Hacker News & Lobsters (in my programmer case) or similar onlines homes for associated industries?

Yes, /now pages clearly need a /then analog.

I just came to the epiphany that my personal /now page updates could also be a personal newsletter update. I feel simultaneously smart and stupid.

I’ve never really used a library for authentication or authorization in Rails. Thinking this time I might try Pundit for authorization. Thoughts and opinions welcomed. 💻

Was about to order a book last night, but then I searched my email and found I had ordered it a year ago. I wonder where I put that thing…

The Last of Us episode 5 was sure a gut punch.

Not an inspiring set of phone number pointers from our log-processing service. (And, no, when I followed the error message format it did not save my phone number.)

Someone on our team posted Album Whale across 5 or 6 subreddits Friday and suddenly we have a bunch of signups. Who knew?! I think my Web 2.0 timidity needs to be set aside. I should post to a few music forums even though I’m not a frequent participant.


Wow, Scott’s Cheap Flights picked up the going.com domain? Wonder what that cost? www.going.com/rebrand

This advice from my past self just “cost” me 60-90 minutes. Find Bugs Once and the Joy of Bug Fixing. 💻

[T]here is too little of what we really like in stories. I am afraid we shall have to try and write some ourselves.

C.S. Lewis, speaking to J.R.R. Tolkein

Via Robin Sloan.

This Hogwarts Legacy review is 9 out of 10, but it sure reads like a 7 or 8 review. Think I’ll wait to hear some actual player responses. 🕹️

I just assume all resources that claim to teach the basics of marketing will be bad. Like they themselves are all marketing, no value. But maybe you know of a book or series of articles that is useful? I’d love to learn how best find people who could use our products.

I have some photo scans from the 1960s, most of which have severely degraded coloring. Some washed out red, others faded, others green. Anyone have a good recommendation for an AI color correction software that might finally restore these for me?

Over 300 tabs open on my phone. I now have a goal to remove 5 per day (close and note them down somewhere else if necessary). Maybe I should do that “declutter one thing in the house every day for a month” thing, too?

If we want to put @goodenough on Mastodon, what instance is a good fit? I’m thinking companies aren’t desired on most instances, and I don’t really want to maintain my own. botsin.space seems a possibility given this will mostly be status updates - probably reposts.

I’ve been reading the short stories that Robin Sloan has available on the Internet. Two that particularly caught my mind were In the Stacks with its musical toy intro and The Writer and the Witch with its Neil Gaiman vibes. Give ‘em a read! 📚

Fresh computer install means that I’ve found some new software to smooth out my daily. I’ve always used Divvy for windows management, but it was kind of janky getting it set up this time. And so I discovered Rectangle and I’m already enjoying it. Dragging to hotspots is nice!

Spent an hour trying to Google “I want to point a subdomain at a simple photo ‘streaming’ and/or photo blog site” only to realize a separate photo micro.blog is just the solution to “photo website with control of layout, easy exporting, RSS and Mastodon interoperability.”

A good little rundown of software engineering things that are learned from experience. 💻

The person who signed up for Amazon with my secondary email address has finally figured out they used the wrong email. I’m getting spammed with account recovery emails at said email address. lol