The person who signed up for Amazon with my secondary email address has finally figured out they used the wrong email. I’m getting spammed with account recovery emails at said email address. lol

Are there any “small business”y competitors to the Google app suite? We’d like to support such companies @goodenough, but options like Zoho aren’t small, and startups like Craft are overly complicated. We mostly just need email and docs. Google is probably going to be it, sadly.

Pleasantly surprised to see that Hiatus Kaiyote are coming to perform in the area in April. In the ticket line… 🎵

Pretty excited about the latest Album Whale update: list formatting options. Since we’re building Album Whale as a place to publish your favorite album collections, having layout options makes a lot of sense. Now we can support everything from galleries to long-form writing. 🎵

Where do you keep your electronic documents?

I like to have a copy (scan/download) of all the financial, medical, etc paperwork that comes in. Also, manuals. I want to be able to search the PDFs. Evernote was perfect a decade ago, but now I’d like to drop a sub and simplify.

Finished reading: The Night In Question: Stories (Vintage Contemporaries) by Tobias Wolff 📚

A master.

This is my all day. IYKYK.

Gettin’ into things. 🎵

Just turned on auto deploy for our @goodenough apps. Feels uncomfortable, but going to live in that space for a bit to see how it goes. 💻

See, this is why Bandcamp is nice. We’ve always loved their embed styling as compared to the big streaming services. And now it’s right there on your Album Whale lists! 🎶…

Mexican meatballs tonight were a hit. This is pre “rolling around in sauce.”

Anyone here work with a small team and not use the Google Suite for collaboration? What do you use for docs and spreadsheets? Zoho? Apple products with iCloud? Dropbox Paper and idunno for spreadsheets? New fangled apps that I don’t understand?

Hmm, what if we ( @goodenough ) decided to make a 2023 version of StumbleUpon?

Knowing how bad some picture books are, I think something like this could take off: AI storybook generator. Cheap okay stories are better and more convenient than expensive, bad stories. These are the types of writing jobs that AI will eat.

My first Enzoni - highly recommended. And I made killer pizza tonight. Win-win!

Realizing that I can’t turn on Apple end-to-end encryption because we maintain a lot of older devices around the house. And I don’t totally understand if removing a device from iCloud just removes it from my iCloud, or from my family member’s. So I get tired and stop trying.

Every day I’m winning!

Excited that we’ve been able to add Bandcamp support to Album Whale. For you folks, that means you can now add the inimitable @hollyhoneychurch to your lists! Huzzah! 🎵

Surprising my 15-months-ago self, I got some books out of storage.

I have acquired a mild Fortnite addiction thanks to my kids. Good thing is we’re having fun playing together!

My good friend, Nate, has started a newsletter about theology and R-rated movies. He plans on writing for an audience of both laity and clergy. If movies and religion hit two of your likes, I highly recommend it! Intro & the first letter. Blues Brothers incoming! 🍿

I grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota, yet I just heard the phrase “All boots, no cattle” for the first time and I love it.

Finished reading: Sourdough by Robin Sloan. Didn’t enjoy this as much as Mr. Penumbra’s. I kind of got lost in the last quarter of it. 📚

Why Not Mars (Idle Words) - an interesting takedown of the manned Mars mission.

Happy New Year to those who celebrate.