Now I’m in Microsoft Ads and I can’t even enter my credit card. This is amazing.

Spent the afternoon with Google Ads. It’s fascinating to me that something with such a singularly terrible user interface is single-handedly providing all of the money to one of the richest companies in the world.

Whiskey Rebellion

Welcome to Wrexham

My First Mac:…

It’s kind of hard to search for this: Do you know any good newsletters that are primarily about blogging or maybe personal website maintenance?

Joe Mauer, First Ballot

Family & Travel Journaling

Proper launch for Pika is imminent. The team has worked hard through sickness all month to get here. It’s a modest product in terms of feature checklists, but it feels so nice.

Giving MistoBox Coffee a Try

I finished The Chronicles of Narnia. It was more than a little troubling.

For those who visit Japan frequently, and fly 10+ hours, what is your minimum stay requirement given jet lag and the…pain of long flights? We enjoyed visiting so much that I want to be ready to jump on any mistake airfares. I’m thinking 10 days is reasonable, but maybe I should’ve push to 7?

I think I found that URL redirection service I was after: Redirect Pizza.

Trade Coffee Pricing Gets Convoluted

HTTPS Traffic Redirection Service? ingesting of outside RSS feeds seems pretty hit-or-miss to me? You have the same experience? (It could very much be a poorly coded feed from Pika. Just seems weird that sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.)

Working with Mild Illness

Just finished up Demon Copperhead. What a ride. My first Barbara Kingsolver fiction book, if you’re wanting to make a recommendation.

You’re a Blogger, Not an Essayist

We at Good Enough have been cranking on Pika this week. None of this has really landed in the product, so it seems an update is in order.

Flights to Iceland booked for July. Now to get planning!

Letting three domains expire:,, and These were gathered in my “maybe I should be a low-rent Kottke” phase. Hopefully I don’t stop learning or finding things!

Parents of U.S. college kids, how you liking that FAFSA rollout amirite?

Just deployed draft posts to Pika. Felt a bit uncomfortable as it doesn’t have quite the refinement that we like to have in a feature - even if it’s early days. Should clean up in the next week or two, though!

Paku Paku. Genius.