After nearly 20 years I, with help from Good Enough, finally wrote blogging software. Now, now, Pika is just an alpha version, but it’ll grow into something special. I can feel it! Read more if you’re interested.

We plan to open up an alpha version of our blog software later today or tomorrow morning (US). It will be very basic to start, and the next significant developments probably won’t happen until early 2024. Still, if early adoption (and influence) is your jam, keep your ears open!

Trying on the IBM Plex font family.

Pika blog software testing with IBM Plex font family.

One. More. Blog. Software!

Our little alpha at GE is coming along. Hopefully something play-withable early next month.

Screenshots of an upcoming blog software by Good Enough.Screenshots of an upcoming blog software by Good Enough. In dark mode.

Things are coming along. (Still currently with a mission of “software to make my personal blog+site.”)

New Good Enough Blog Software - edit view

New Good Enough Blog Software - publish view

I think I’m a RubyMine (JetBrains) person now.

Here I go with another killer idea. We’ve decided to write personal blog software at Good Enough. That’s a pretty open market, right? 🤣 Our reasons aren’t that we see a big hole or have a big idea. I shared my very basic reasoning on the GE blog.

You running multiple monitors. This might save your sanity.

Wow, Firefox.

Still referencing RailsCasts after all these years. 😂

Broke down and ordered a Keychron Q1 keyboard (fully assembled) to compare and contrast against the Kinesis Advantage2 that I think I’m giving up on.

I was excited for macOS Sonoma (which I finally installed) because I recalled that it would change the behavior of opening apps stealing focus (usually when you’re mid-typing in another app). Focus-stealing still seems to be happening. Is there a setting that I need to change?

Today Good Enough’s Letterbird takes flight. Letterbird is a free contact form on the web that allows you to receive emails without plopping your email address on the open internet. Pro features, too, if you’d like to fine-tune. More to come!

I wonder what it would cost to buy

It’s been a minute since I posted about Yay.Boo. We now have some example pages to hopefully inspire you to make something even cooler/weirder. What will you Yay.Boo?

Been trying to use the Kinesis Adv 2 board for 8 months. The alternative layout is still not stuck in my head. Was going to ask if anyone has found a more traditional board that has similar ergonomic benefits. Just don’t think you can get similar benefits without moving keys off the pinky fingers.

Giving Panic’s Nova for Ruby on Rails development a try, so far with the Ruby on Rails extension (by Tommaso Negri) and that’s it. Happy to hear other extension suggestions. Been using VS Code for some years, but it seems constantly in “what’s the best configuration?” hell. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m starting to wonder if no one has ever actually gotten a Time Machine backup server to work seamlessly. I’ve done NAS and many others of things, and finally gave in to getting a Mac Mini. And here I am watching my laptop try to do its second backup to the Mac Mini right next to it…and fail.

Remember the Photo Blog, inspired by @skoobz and @jthingelstad.

The latest Good Enough Newsletter includes a link to receive a mailing of A Good Enough Zine. Please sign up and send us those address deets if you’d like to participate in the Zine experiment. Thank you!

I would like to see notes from the Gmail design meeting where they decided to plop a “mark as spam” toolbar item in prime real estate between the archive and trash toolbar items.

Anyone know if reverse captcha is still a thing? (A hidden field that should always be empty, but the bots fill it, thus detecting the bots.) I’m assuming the bots are too smart for it now.

Writing elsewhere - I wrote about how we built Quack (Beta).

Writing elsewhere - I wrote about why we built Quack (Beta).

Have you ever simply wanted to post some markdown to the internet and receive a link to a beautifully rendered version of said markdown? Good Enough has got you covered with Quack (Beta). Give it a try and let us know what you think!