This response to “Quiet Quitting” is delicious.

Bosses want to be religious leaders rather than actual leaders. Managers want to be productivity cops, ever-vigilant of anyone failing to contribute to the company while avoiding every reflective surface.


I’ve got all the posts I care to transition transitioned to the new HTML+CSS version of my blog: The completist in me feels better (even with broken links), though old posts can be 😬. (Ruby and Nokogiri were the primaries if you nerd like that.)

So my friend Shawn and I have put together a website to help us stay motivated to do the daily thing we like to do to keep ourselves happy. If you need to make sure you do one thing every day, this might be for you, too? Give it a try!


Who remembers Userscripts? Here’s a mirror of the old site. I wanted to add a shortcut to the search bar of a site I use and thought about Userscripts again. Is there a modern equivalent?

My Current VS Code Shortcuts

Whelp, the money shoe has dropped (RE: G Suite legacy free edition), which probably makes it so I’ll actually figure out transitioning my email from Gmail. The question is Fastmail, Zoho Mail, or some other.

Getting the dust bunnies out. πŸ’»