My dad and I went down to Kansas City for some, what we hoped to be, warm April baseball. Mother Nature had different ideas and we had 30-degree baseball. But we had baseball! Not pictured is the fact that my dad was super food-poisoned for most of the long weekend. He enjoys telling the story.

We had just gotten married and strangely decided to catch a sunrise. I remember we rented a Grand Am and thought it was the fanciest car we’d ever seen. #extrafancy

Oh the lakes we have seen.

In our younger days we would visit large cities. Sometimes we’d have family there to show us around. It was lovely. #jessespregnant

One time long ago we even tried to camp. I don’t know if I’d choose that over quarantine.

Badlands ‘99. Back when we used to drive around from place to place.

About 20 years ago we went on a trip. That was nice. I enjoyed that.

Cleaning out some old folders in the filing cabinet.



avie_h is into this selfie thing.

Not really ready to be done with vacation.

Going the Distance.

Tsunami? Ain’t No Thing.

Tom Haverford in Small Clutch of Bamboo