Last full day. 🏖️

Waves on a sunny beach.

My 2nd gen Kindle seems to finally be dead. Now what do I get?!

A rainy day, so we’re thinking Ghostbusters.

So far, so good.

Alright, friends, it’s time to go on vacation. Tomorrow we’re off too the sunny Florida panhandle, assuming we get out before the Minnesota snow lands.

Been holding on to this since last July in Togari, Japan. Tonight was finally the right time to crack open some Bread.

A browser extension that fills in the ages of my kids on every. single. travel. website.

Family & Travel Journaling

For those who visit Japan frequently, and fly 10+ hours, what is your minimum stay requirement given jet lag and the…pain of long flights? We enjoyed visiting so much that I want to be ready to jump on any mistake airfares. I’m thinking 10 days is reasonable, but maybe I should’ve push to 7?

Flights to Iceland booked for July. Now to get planning!

Snack time. A favorite that came home with us from Japan.

Spicy rice cracker snack from Japan

Rue Saint-Paul dans le Vieux-Montréal.

Mother and daughter posing at Rue Saint-Paul dans le Vieux-Montréal

Musée de l’Illusion Montréal.

Posing in what looks like someone hanging from the ceiling at Musée de l'Illusion Montréal

Pizza in Little Italy in Montréal.

Pizza in Little Italy in Montréal

I love you Canada. I love you CF Montréal. But this is a crime against nature.

Popcorn bags in popcorn popper in Montréal

CF Montréal.

CF Montréal

Must Fairmount!

Fairmount Bagel Montréal

Ready for the lights and organs. Basilique Notre-Dame a Montréal.

Basilque Notre-Dame a Montréal, pre Aura light show.

We’re home. And we’re ready to go back.


Last full day of the trip. See my prior post for the great start to the day - seeing where our nephews spent the first months of their lives. 😭 Then K-pop dance classes and visiting various K-pop touch points. Eating Ttoekbokki and bulgogi. Finishing the night at Seoul Record Pub. ❤️

Visiting Eastern Social Welfare Society where our nephews were before coming to AmericaCheck up area in Korean orphanageK-pop dance classRestaurant where BTS would eat on rehearsal breaksWandering through fountains in Seoul Bulgogi restaurant in SeoulSeoul Record Pub

Two of our nephews were adopted from South Korea and today we were able to visit the orphanage where they spent the first 6 months of their lives. They were escorted to the USA at the time of their adoption. This was the first time anyone in our family, aside from the boys, had been there. 🥹😢😭

Quite a day in Seoul. Walked through the Gyeongbokgung Palace grounds and Bukchon Village in hanbok; ate Cho Yonsoon’s famous handmade Korean Noodles in Gwangjang Market; struck poses at Dongdaemun Design Plaza and KTO K-Pop center; and finished the night with BB.Q Chicken and speakeasy cocktails.

My daughters in Bukchon Village wearing hanbok.Sneezing in front of the Gyeonghoeru Pavilion … in hanbokstriking poses at Dongdaemun Design Plazastriking poses at KTO K-Pop centerBB.Q Chicken and Beer in SeoulSpeakeasy cocktails


Empty soju and beer bottles

Travel day to our last stop of the trip. We got some Seoul time in tonight.

Hotel view in SeoulBurger joint sign with an “it’s good enough” jokeThe streets of SeoulSeashell sculpture with our daughters in SeoulA river walk in SeoulA bright bar “alley” in Seoul

While walking Kawaguchiko.

Sign in Japanese. Tickle sign I haven’t translated.Sign in Japanese. What does this sign mean? Looks like explosions and exclamation points.Our reflection in a road mirror.