The final hiking day of our trip was Bryce Canyon. Gorgeous. Went down Wall Street and over to Queens Garden. The vertical out in elevation is no joke! We took in a few roadsides then finished with a short hike near Rainbow Point. We could see for 100 miles to the south! ❤️

Grand Canyon north rim today. I had no idea how beautifully forested this area was. Breathtaking at every turn. And the Cliff Springs hike that wasn’t too canyony - also great!

Today was a shorter day. Not as hot temperature-wise, but seems like they brought in some humidity? Toadstool Hoodoo, ✅ Horshoe Canyon off the bucket list, and a swung by Glen Canyon Dam (just 15 feet shorter than Hoover).

Subway in Zion was an absolute butt-kicker. On the hike for over 10 hours, but totally worth it even with the 430-foot straight-up climb out in sunny 100 degrees. Kids did GREAT! (And these aren’t even pictures in the Subway 😀)

Zion with a little bit of The Narrows.

Sand dunes and sand caves.

Heading to southern Utah tomorrow for lots of hiking and views. I might decide to post lots of photos here. We’ll see what I decide, but sorry in advance. 😄

Starting vacation off with some mini golf.

#closed on our new home!


My dad and I went down to Kansas City for some, what we hoped to be, warm April baseball. Mother Nature had different ideas and we had 30-degree baseball. But we had baseball! Not pictured is the fact that my dad was super food-poisoned for most of the long weekend. He enjoys telling the story.

We had just gotten married and strangely decided to catch a sunrise. I remember we rented a Grand Am and thought it was the fanciest car we’d ever seen. #extrafancy

Oh the lakes we have seen.

In our younger days we would visit large cities. Sometimes we’d have family there to show us around. It was lovely. #jessespregnant

One time long ago we even tried to camp. I don’t know if I’d choose that over quarantine.

Badlands ‘99. Back when we used to drive around from place to place.

About 20 years ago we went on a trip. That was nice. I enjoyed that.