Honestly, if you’re a Floyd fan I recommend Brit Floyd. First time and the music and light show was all outstanding. Great Gig in the Sky was shivery, as it should be.

Brit Floyd Dark Side of the Moon light show.

Into the Woods at the Guthrie.

Into the Woods stage at the Guthrie in Minneapolis.

A sadly limited list of theaters showing Oppenheimer in 70mm IMAX.

I grew up on the Metrodome, so this is absolutely mind bending.

Tokyo dome outfield during baseball gameTokyo dome infield during baseball gameTokyo dome seats

Let the fast and furious marching band season begin!

We got more than we bargained for at the Twins game last night!

Lucked into something.

Twins Brewers baseball game viewed from close seats.

I find this to be amazing. Needless to say I haven’t watched much of my Twins in the past month. Zzzz.

MLB American League Central and no one has a winning record

When in Houston.

I have a lot of good memories of the ol’ Netflix queue.

It fascinates me that BDG (for those in the know – I’m not one of those in the know), the creator of such meaningful videos as RGSS, also has what seems to be a pretty useful rundown of U.S. health insurance

Love this found footage. Pink Floyd 1975!

TLOU #okay

I was today years old old when I realized Lumbergh is also Kent Davison (Veep).

Just watched Marcel the Shell. One daughter is still emotional after the movie, which we finished 20 minutes ago. ❤️


The Last of Us episode 5 was sure a gut punch.

My good friend, Nate, has started a newsletter about theology and R-rated movies. He plans on writing for an audience of both laity and clergy. If movies and religion hit two of your likes, I highly recommend it! Intro & the first letter. Blues Brothers incoming! 🍿

Not that I know soccer, but…

It looked hopeful at times, but US just doesn’t have the passing control of the top teams. And they were missing defensive coverage a lot. They seem to have the athleticism, though.

So I have this idea. What if there were a service that combined your consumed things into one feed. It’d ingest RSS from, say, Letterboxd, Album Whale, and Goodreads. It would display this unified feed simply, and maybe allow some tagging. Perhaps it should be built…

SIX night.

Watched Licorice Pizza tonight. I had no clue Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son was the male lead, but I could tell the actor was his son pretty quickly. Such similar mannerisms! 🍿

Saw Bullet Train and had a good time. Go and enjoy it!

I also just realized you could run a whole weekend movie series of good “stuck on a train” movies. 🍿

None of the trailers for The Rings of Power have given me any hope…until this one. Maybe?