Finished reading: The Night In Question: Stories (Vintage Contemporaries) by Tobias Wolff 📚

A master.

Knowing how bad some picture books are, I think something like this could take off: AI storybook generator. Cheap okay stories are better and more convenient than expensive, bad stories. These are the types of writing jobs that AI will eat.

Finished reading: Sourdough by Robin Sloan. Didn’t enjoy this as much as Mr. Penumbra’s. I kind of got lost in the last quarter of it. 📚

Finished reading Project Hail Mary: A Novel yesterday. The first half was a bit slow for me to work through, but I sped through the second half. 📚

Read No Time Like the Future by Michael J. Fox 📚

Two MJF bios in one year seems like a bit much. I didn’t find this one quite as engaging as Lucky Man, but a worthwhile listen from my library.

So I have this idea. What if there were a service that combined your consumed things into one feed. It’d ingest RSS from, say, Letterboxd, Album Whale, and Goodreads. It would display this unified feed simply, and maybe allow some tagging. Perhaps it should be built…

Also read Job: A Comedy of Justice by Robert A. Heinlein 📚

Read Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan 📚

The right book, exactly. At exactly the right time.

I really quite enjoyed this book, but the Google / Silicon Valley love has not aged well, unfortunately. It was easy for me to dip into the book’s world, though.

Read: Beautiful Country: A Memoir of An Undocumented Childhood by Qian Julie Wang 📚

This was really an interesting page-turner for me.

Finished reading: Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman 📚

Yeah, that was good. Though I never really internalize books like this. Gonna process my Kindle highlights, though, and hope for the best.

Finished reading: LaserWriter II: A Novel by Tamara Shopsin 📚

It was fine. It was quick.

Heaven’s River by Dennis E. Taylor 📚

Loved the Bobiverse series at the outset, and was still mostly entertained through to #3. I could hardly follow this one. And it was full of filler.

I’ve learned to set books down when I’m not enjoying them. Why didn’t I do that this time?

Finished reading: The Stone Sky (The Broken Earth Book 3) by N. K. Jemisin 📚

Now I’m reading explanations of the book. I kind of rushed through the audio (before it returned to my library), and following the narrator around via audio was a bit challenging.

The Greatest Salesman in the World is not a book about sales, but about habit formation. I believe strongly in the power of habit, but I’m hesitant to read this the way it was meant (1 chapter at a time, 3 times a day, for 30 days). Has anyone out there actually done this?

Finished up The Revenge of Analog by David Sax, featuring @patrickrhone and @rohdesign. Good eats!📚

Finished reading: Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert 📚

From Dobby Gibson’s “Ode to the Future”, published in Little Glass Planet:

so let’s make America a set of problems
we can admit exists again, and still have the will
to solve

📚 God of Nothingness (2021) by Mark Wunderlich & Against Heaven (2022) by Kemi Alabi

I quite enjoyed the former and … worked my way through the latter.

god of nothingness mark wunderlich

against heaven kemi alabi

🦹 Criminal: The Last of the Innocent (2011)

This is volume 6 in the Criminal series by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Though great, I can get burnt out on these crime stories. This one was amazing.

📚 Head On (2019) by John Scalzi

I appreciate the things Scalzi is accomplishing in this universe. This one was just a little too procedural for me.

Scalzi Head On

🦹 Ascender (2021)

Ascender is a fascinating series with beautiful watercolor art. I liked its predecessor, Descender, a bit more, but still very entertaining.

The story of Mark Wunderlich’s poem Cuthbert rolls along so well. I didn’t realize until the last stanza that it was a rare poem that I’ve read recently that actually has rhymes! I think it’s pretty clever to include suprising rhymes in a poem about a lamb.

📚 Fish: a tap essay (2012) by Robin Sloan

What an interesting experiment. It has some things to say.

📚 The Obelisk Gate (2016) by N. K. Jemisin

I read this with audio. It’s a book two that found my attention straying, but certainly did well in setting up an exciting conclusion (I hope).

🦹 The Immortal Hulk

This has been a wild ride. A horror comic with many surprises. Volume 8 found me mostly confused, though. Volume 9 brought it back into focus a bit. I need to get my hands on volume 10.