How weird am I? I own Pisces Iscariot, but not Siamese Dream. 🎵



Pleasantly surprised to see that Hiatus Kaiyote are coming to perform in the area in April. In the ticket line… 🎵

Pretty excited about the latest Album Whale update: list formatting options. Since we’re building Album Whale as a place to publish your favorite album collections, having layout options makes a lot of sense. Now we can support everything from galleries to long-form writing. 🎵

Gettin’ into things. 🎵

See, this is why Bandcamp is nice. We’ve always loved their embed styling as compared to the big streaming services. And now it’s right there on your Album Whale lists! 🎶…

Excited that we’ve been able to add Bandcamp support to Album Whale. For you folks, that means you can now add the inimitable @hollyhoneychurch to your lists! Huzzah! 🎵

Just pushed my All Time Favorites list out to Album Whale. This is a small portion of the eventual list. I will add albums from time-to-time as I remember them. This type of list is exactly why I added RSS to album lists as I imagine subscribing to other people’s feeds. 🎵

So I have this idea. What if there were a service that combined your consumed things into one feed. It’d ingest RSS from, say, Letterboxd, Album Whale, and Goodreads. It would display this unified feed simply, and maybe allow some tagging. Perhaps it should be built…

DMB, been awhile.

What do you think happens when you click on this in macOS’s Apple Music?

Amazon Prime says:

More ad-free music, increasing from 2 million to over 100 million songs in shuffle mode

I wondered what that meant in practice, so I logged in via my browser. I searched for Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I can listen to the album, but only on shuffle. So strange.

Passing on my concert love to my middlest and her good friend. 🎵

Last night. Rachel Eckroth with my honey. 🎵

Did you know Flea has studied jazz trumpet performance?

I feel bad, but I had no idea that They Might Be Giants’ “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” … is a cover song.


Just now realizing that Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” predates The Phantom of the Opera. Apparently it was a whole thing when Phantom premiered. 🎵

Nick Mason’s Saucerful of Secrets.

If you are an iPhone user and want to try the Bluetooth earbud game, but don’t want to shell out for Apple product, these Ankers are pretty good IMO. I’ve gotten a few of these renewed ones and had good success. They were closer to $35 when I picked them up. 🎵

🎵 Blue Heron Suite by Sarah Jarosz

A beautiful recording. It feels like the band is sitting in the room with me. I’ll have to listen to the lyrics at some point.

Oleta Adams first received international acclaim for her work with Tears for Fears, lending needed emotion to their albums. Circle of One is her wonderful first solo album. Production in part by Roland Orzabal from Tears for Fears. (And a bonus for you.)

Socks rocked off.

A package from overseas.