If you are an iPhone user and want to try the Bluetooth earbud game, but don’t want to shell out for Apple product, these Ankers are pretty good IMO. I’ve gotten a few of these renewed ones and had good success. They were closer to $35 when I picked them up. 🎡

🎡 Blue Heron Suite by Sarah Jarosz

A beautiful recording. It feels like the band is sitting in the room with me. I’ll have to listen to the lyrics at some point.

Oleta Adams first received international acclaim for her work with Tears for Fears, lending needed emotion to their albums. Circle of One is her wonderful first solo album. Production in part by Roland Orzabal from Tears for Fears. (And a bonus for you.)

Socks rocked off.

A package from overseas.

If I’m listening to an album that I’m discovering for the first time, is it interesting to share that album here? Let’s find out. Some high quality, laid back nordic jazz incoming… The Sweetest Sound by Angelo Verploegen, Ed Verhoeff, and Eric Van der Western. 🎡

Two of my daughters wanted to get into vinyl. I love it! However, I have successfully steered them toward CDs as a start because they are more affordable, convenient, and portable (for that college life). Of course this means I am now getting back into CDs. 🀣

Heading to a Shins concert tonight. Excited! 🎡

I am working on upgrading my home stereo. Oh the rabbit holes I am going down. 🎡

Confession: I’m a life-long Minnesotan and a rock & roll fan, but I’ve never really listened to The Replacements. I’ve only listened to everyone they’ve influenced. Time to at least get familiar with their catalog. 🎡

The Decemberists. 🎡

I like to look at set lists leading up to a concert, usually making a playlist to listen to beforehand. Going to The Decemberists tonight and the set lists out there…I’ve personally never been to a show before where the set list was 50% different from show to show. Excited! 🎡

A concert.

A good night. 🎡

News flash: Aaron Copland is pretty good. 🎡

🎡 Hard (2022) by Tove Styrke

Pop that brings you back. Gated drums on the intro track make you think Phil Collins is involved. “Start Walking” and “Show Me Love” also slap. h/t @zioibi

Friday. Jack White. 🎡

Victor Wooten is amazing and this is amazing. I should have taken about five pages of notes on this interview.


Listening to vinyl again for the first time in a while. Shostakovich – Symphony No. 5 is good for workin’. 🎡

Shawn shared this with me today. It’s amazing.

🎡 Nine Lives (2022) by Kendra Morris

Been a long time since Morris released an album and I’m excited!

🎡 Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, the Four Seasons (2014)

Vivaldi had never been my thing. Then I was going through old emails and was reminded that a friend had told me, “Yes, but this is different.” It’s so good.

richter vivaldi four seasons

🎡 Candid (2020) by Whitney

A lovely cover album for a Friday afternoon.

🎡 An Evening with Silk Sonic (2021) by Silk Sonic

Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, and Silk Sonic – seems like a perfect start to a Friday.