Did you know there is an MST3K text adventure game released in 1996? Though I don’t think it was “official,” it was based on a badly-done text adventure game written by a 12 year old. MST3K: Detective can be played at archive.org. More deets here.

Art: Pickle.

[T]he pickle remained stuck to the ceiling, using only ketchup remnants and nondescript burger juices as adhesive, for an entire month. Amazing.


None of the trailers for The Rings of Power have given me any hope…until this one. Maybe?

This response to “Quiet Quitting” is delicious.

Bosses want to be religious leaders rather than actual leaders. Managers want to be productivity cops, ever-vigilant of anyone failing to contribute to the company while avoiding every reflective surface.


Heh. Ran into old school Book-A-Minute and Movie-A-Minute. Reminds me of a project I tried way back in the early 2000s. I called it Flicksticks, and it used the only drawing I could pull off: stick figures. Freaky Friday:

Did I ever share Rediscovering the Small Web here? If not, why not? Probably one of the micro.blog denizens had shared it with me prior. Anyway, it’s great! πŸ”—

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life learning about saving, finance, and investing. That doesn’t mean I taught my kids any of this. I’ve felt bad about it until I found this article by JL Collins. Now I have a plan for discussion when they go off to college and careers. πŸ”—

A Brief History of Nobody Wants to Work Anymore ahahahaha πŸ”—

Oliver Burkeman’s latest newsletter includes this bit. I’m happy to read someone agreeing with my estimation of the actual amount of expertise out there in the world. This is my personal way to handle feeling like an imposter:

Imposter syndrome? Worse than you think – because you think the issue is that you don’t yet have the qualifications to hold your own among your colleagues, when in fact the truth is that everyone is winging it, all the time, and that if you’re ever going to make your unique contribution to the world, you’re going to have to do it in a state of unreadiness.

Related to that prior post, take a look at this video/audio toybox, Xorberax Visualizer. How fun is that? πŸ”—

Sometimes these folks get to be a little much, but it is true that Poolsuite FM is an inspiration for what we’re doing with Good Enough. I think each week or two I’ll try to share other inspirations. These may be things found in the past or things just discovered that same day.

Victor Wooten is amazing and this is amazing. I should have taken about five pages of notes on this interview.


πŸ”— These remixes by The Reflex are amazing.

πŸ”— Some lovely light reading while sitting in bed with COVID: About Those Kill-Switched Ukranian Tractors by Cory Doctrow.

Shawn shared this with me today. It’s amazing.

πŸ”— In a recent newsletter I wrote about how I gave up on the book Ducks, Newburyport, so I really feel Read Like an Artist. That post also includes this great quote:

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures…if you like something, like it.

– Dave Grohl

πŸ”— Earth Reviews

πŸ”— A Hidden Art Form You’ll Flip For

πŸ”— The Former Netflix DVD Library Is a Lost Treasure We’ll Never See Again

This does make me sad. I’ve subscribed as recently as last year, and the disc subscription (for reproduction quality reasons) is something I enjoy when I have a period of free time.

πŸ”— Practically Paperless with Obsidian

For those that followed along with my Obsidian questions last month, you might find the above series interesting. Tons of information!

πŸ”— This art was made by a computer

This is just absurdly mindblowing. I want to try it, but don’t want to get a Discord account just to get into the beta…

πŸ”— Say yes and never do it

I love this message. I think it can go further. In my head is a reasonable person telling me how careful I need to be with my projects. How prepared I need to be for whatever inevitability. A lot of times I should say yes to that voice and never do it.

πŸ“š Fish: a tap essay (2012) by Robin Sloan

What an interesting experiment. It has some things to say.

πŸ”— Unsolicited Advice to Minnesota Children by Neil Hilborn

I shouldn’t quote the whole thing because that would be inappropriate, so I’ll do something worse and excerpt a poem:

and you ingrate children of the snow
spend all your time in “classes”
learning about “things” that will teach you
nothing about ice skating on the bones
of your enemies or lighting moose
on fire or felling fir trees

Anyway, I love it!

πŸ”— An app can be a home-cooked meal

I am the programming equivalent of a home cook.

What an informative story about using programming to solve a problem for one’s family. Also, I do kind of want the app!