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🍽️ Street Cart Chicken & Yellow Rice

I’ve made this twice now, and it is the real deal. I make only one rice that is better. The marinade is well proportioned. The time it takes me to prepare everything is 50% again what is mentioned in the recipe. That’s a running theme, usually to the tune of taking twice as long to prep my ingredients.

The sauces are great. I don’t make them in the same proportion as the mains because my kids don’t really touch the sauces. I’ve had trouble nailing the consistency of the white sauce. The hot sauce has an “it’s time to invest in Big Cayenne” amount of cayenne pepper, and I wouldn’t sneeze at the amount of red flake in there either. I can’t bring myself to keeping pouring when making the red sauce.

But it’s all GOOD. You should make it your own!