I am BARRY's Microblog

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I have decided to give Micro.blog an honest try in 2022. This means I am moving my blogging presence off my own platform to this one. You can dig back to my post archives at my site.

Inspired by @pimoore’s The Macro of Micro.blog, I am trying to get over my archivist desires to:

  1. Import all of my history to Micro.blog. It’s a distraction from writing and the true archiving of thoughts and experiences.
  2. Concern myself with some future where Micro.blog gets bought, I want to move on, and all of my stuff needs exported/imported/moved. Hopefully it won’t happen, and if it does I’ll do something then.
  3. Resist my incessant need to “style” and customize my things. I can save that for other projects.